My name is Charles J. Williams and I am a Post-Production Artist. I have been doing Motion Graphics and Editing for over 6 Years Using a host of applications and tools to do my work. It is my job to take different pieces that are given to me and put them together in one concrete form. The end result is a form that others can see and relate to. I pride myself on taking different elements and putting them into a ensemble and ultimately giving it life.

Everything has life. Whether you believe it or not everything in this world has living substance. Whether it be natural or man-made, it has been touched by something in order for it to become what it is today. From a tree and its planting, watering, photosynthesis and growth, to a car in its planning, manufacturing, and sale, all of these processes require some sort of life to happen. Noticing this abundance of life is a gift I believe have been given.

Whether it is creating a graphic, editing a music video or taking photos, I ask myself the same question every time…”How do I give it life”

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